03 March 2019

My Worst Game

I had a date Friday night. My son and I met a woman and her son at a pizza place, had dinner together, and then went ice skating. The next morning, I was not well focused and found myself on board one against the top rated player.

Rodriguez,Luis (2211) -- Stripes,James (1472) [B21]
Collyer Memorial Spokane (1), 21.02.1998

1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.c3 dxc3 4.Nxc3 d6

I was playing by rote, barely conscious of White's moves.

4...e6 is what I would play today.
4...Nc6 is also good.

5.Bc4 a6

Although not yet disastrous, it seems to me that this move accomplishes very little.



Black to move




7.Bxf7+ Kd7 (7...Kxf7 8.Ng5+ Ke8 9.Qxg4) 8.Ne5+ Kc8 9.Qxg4+ Kc7 10.Nd5# 1–0 Ferreira,V (2198)--Tokarchuk,Y Dos Hermanas 2004.

Black to move


I must have seen 7...Bxd1 8.Bxf7#
7...Be6 is Black's only chance.

8.Bxf7+ 1–0

There was no reason to play without my queen.

Rodriguez went on to win the tournament. I lost every game in the event and placed dead last. In 2012, I won every game that I played in this annual event, took a third round bye, and finished in second place.


  1. This game is awesome. At least you got some good teaching material out of it :)

    1. Thanks. I also married that gal with whom I had a date, blame her for my 0-5, and get to play in the Collyer every year. She told me almost ten years ago that that story has lost its capital, but she does not raise a whimper when I disappear the last weekend in February for chess.