21 March 2019

Wrong Answers

Once in a while I use the tactics training at Chess.com, as this morning. The first five were correct, then I failed this one.

White to move

The exercise has a rating of 2457. I saw the first move instantly, but missed the second.

I failed the next problem as well.

Black to move (Black on bottom)

I considered almost every legal knight move except the correct one. The exercise is rated 1858. My calculations sought to effect a checkmate that is there, and that I saw, but my efforts all fail because of a defensive resource that I overlooked.

The next two were correct, then two more were wrong.

Black to move (Black on bottom)

The first move was easy, but finding the second demonstrated the failure of my imagination. Exercise rating: 1996.

White to move

After the obvious first move, I missed a mate in eleven. Instead, I played a move that assured a draw. Exercise rating: 1731.

My current tactics rating is 2046.

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