20 January 2020

Study Position

A new book arrived Saturday and I spent some time going through the first game. Paul Keres, World Chess Championship 1948 (2016 [1949]) is an old classic now available in English. It was sent to me because I solved a chess history exercise on the cover of Chess Life (December 2019).  Keres had Black against Max Euwe in the first round. He was losing, according to his annotations, until Euwe failed to find the correct plan from this position.

White to move

Stockfish does not agree with Keres' assessment of the position. What should we make of his analysis if the computer disagrees?

1 comment:

  1. Well if the computer disagrees with Keres, the computer is simply right :)

    However, we can still appreciate why a strong player might dislike Black's position here. White has the two bishops and more space, and his pieces are pointed at the kingside while Black's are sort of pointed at nothing.