22 August 2008

Damiano's Mate

Black to move

It was a blunder, objectively speaking, that put a black pawn on g3. Black staked the whole game on setting up a checkmate that White could have stopped fairly easily. But White greedily grabbed first a pawn that was en prise, then grabbed with his own cleric the bishop that had taken the knight on f3. Now it's Black's move and checkmate in seven.


  1. 1. ... Rh1+ 2. Kxh1 Rh8+ 3. Kg1 Rh1+ 4. Qh8+ 5. Qh7 Qxh7+ 6. Bh5 Qxh5+ 7. Kg1 Qh2#

  2. I had worked that out but forgot that qh7 is another interposition that white has to delay mate.

    Being the party pooper I am I probably would have resigned after Qh8+ and not given Black the pleasure of such a nice mate. :-Þ~