01 February 2009

Karjakin, Caruana Win Corus A and B

Karjakin Emerged from the Six

When the day began, six players were tied for first in the Corus Chess A Group. Three had decisive games today. Sergei Karjakin defeated co-leader Leinier Dominguez with the Black pieces to assure himself a share of first. The last game to finish was Wang Yue's victory over Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian's only loss in this event. This conclusion left Karjakin alone in first place.

Sergei Karjakin won the 2009 Corus Chess Grandmaster A Group. Coming into this event, he was number 27 on the FIDE Rating list, making him the eleventh seed in a field of fourteen.

Final Standings A Group

1. Sergei Karjakin 8.0
2. Levon Aronian, Teymour Radjabov, Sergei Movsesian 7.5
5. Magnus Carlsen, Leinier Dominguez 7.0
7. Gata Kamsky 6.5
8. Wang Yue, Jan Smeets, Loek van Wely 6.0
11. Vassily Ivanchuk, Alexander Morozevich, Michael Adams, Daniel Stellwagen 5.5

Caruana Wins Corus B Group

Fabiano Caruana wins. He won his game today against Nigel Short, and won the tournament.

Final Standings B Group

1. Fabiano Caruana 8.5
2. Nigel Short, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, Alexander Motylev 8
5. Andrei Volokitin, Francisco Vallejo Pons 7.5
7. Zahar Efimenko 7.0
8. David Navara 6.5
9. Hou Yifan, Dimitri Reinderman 6
11. Erwin l'Ami 5.5
12. Henrique Mecking 4.5
13. Krishnan Sasikiran, Jan Werle 4


  1. Two surprise winners, i especially didn't expect Fabiano to win the B-group. Lets hope he can score some upsets in next year's tournament when he plays by the big boys.

    Morozovitch and Ivantchoeck didn't have a wonderfull tournament. They will be dissapointed. Carlsen and Aronian probably will be dissapointed aswell but they can atleast comfort themself with their score.

  2. I pitied Dominguez, that horrible c3 move ..., but it looks like it was lost even before that. Carlsen wasn't in his best shape, for sure. From other point of view, if some players like Karjakin, Movsesian, Dominguez are getting stronger, it's better not only for them, but means more competition, so is better for the game too.

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