29 March 2009


New highest ever USCF rating achieved: 1764. Achieved in March Madness G/45

Best Club Blitz performance: 9-0 achieved March 26.

Highest rating on Chess.com Tactics Trainer: 2300. Achieved this morning.


  1. All great numbers but how about your chess strenght? Did that go up aswell?

  2. CT,

    Thanks for the question.

    I have the impression that I'm beginning to understand some of the basics of this game, but impressions can be deceptive. Numbers can be unreliable, but they are objective. If the ratings are going up no matter where they are and in what venue they are created, they confirm the impression of improvement. Over the past year, every active chess rating that I have has found a new peak; several have done so repeatedly: up, then down, then up higher than before.

    It is hard or impossible to compare a 2300 one place to 1764 in another rating pool. But, the fact that both are personal records is significant. On Red Hot Pawn, I crossed over 1800 last August and have maintained that rating. My USCF Quick rating is over 1700 for the first time ever. I had several new bests in Playchess Blitz last summer and fall (over 1900 twice I think).

  3. Good results! I believe that rating reflects your strength, at least regular OTB and quick too (of quick play of course). How difficult do you think will be to get over 1800? I know that it's not easy.