09 January 2012

Learn to Play Chess

Chess Magnet School offers online lessons that are well designed. For those just beginning chess--needing to learn the rules or to practice basic checkmates, these lessons are free. Even the rare skill of checkmate with bishop and knight is among the free lessons.

The link: http://www.chessmagnetschool.com/learnchess.php


  1. I believe that chessmagnetschool.com is an exellent website (webserver?) to coach a group of childeren since you can let the kids make some exercises and as coach you can watch their progress, result and even how fast they solved (or tried to solve) those exercises.

  2. It's fun and exciting to enroll your children to online chess classes. This can be perfectly done during summer when children have nothing much to do. Back in the days, chess was taught through one-on-one. A very manual process to do. Today, online chess lessons have been born anyone who wanted to learn chess even if you are so far away from the chess Instructor.

    You might also want to check out http://smartdolphins.net/online-chess-coaching/ for further readings.