16 February 2012


As I continue training with Chess Informant electronic books, I turned my attention to the Best of Chess Informant: Anatoly Karpov CD this morning. The first exercise in "Play Like Karpov" brought me frustration. Over and over in the solving mode, I received the comment, "Karpov wouldn't even consider that!"

White to move

The first move was easy, but the combination runs eighteen moves. I could find about half of the moves. The problem comes from a game that Karpov played in 1973 when he was the strongest player in the world who was not busy ducking competition. Perhaps it is not realistic for me to try to play in such a manner.

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  1. Please, would it be possible to add the game reference or FEN to your puzzles, so that we can track the position and try playing it out against a computer for example for training purposes ?