08 July 2012

Training Log

My routine of online tactics training with Chess Tempo was suspended this past week as I used Tactic Trainer on the iPad exclusively for the week's tactics work. My best guess is that I have worked at least 75 problems with this app this week. As I mentioned in my review of this app, the programs major weakness is its failure to provide data concerning number of problems completed.

Some time was spent on opening preparation as I have a batch of correspondence games that recently began. Research for one of these games became useful in the Spokane City Championship Contenders tournament. I posted the first few moves of that game in "Staunton Gambit". Winning that game against Jeremy put me in the lead. I need only a draw with Michael to win the event and become the challenger in the City Championship match next weekend.

I did a little bit of endgame work during postgame analysis of one of my 15 0 games on FICS. I blundered after sacrificing the exchange to go into a winning pawn endgame.

White to move

41.Rxa5 bxa5 42.Kf4 Kf6 43.f3??

43.a4 would have been the correct move.

43...a4 44.a3

Black to move


My opponent missed the chance to exploit my error and put me into zugzwang. 44...g5+ 45.hxg5 Kg6 wins for Black.

45.Kg5 Kf7 46.Kh6 Kf6 47.Kh7 Kf7 48.f4 Kf6 49.Kg8 1-0

Before trading my rook for my opponent's bishop, I had worked out the line that was played in the game, but my failure to see 45...Kg6 after 44...g5+ (a move that I had underestimated) was the cause of my blunder on move 43 and reveals an area where work might be done.

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