28 August 2012

Benefits of Chess

Benefits of Chess

Chess is a great game. It has been played longer and in more places than any other comparable game. In addition to its cultural value, chess play and study offers many benefits that go beyond chess.

Chess improves mental skills of observation, pattern recognition, memory, analysis, logic, and critical thinking. It stimulates the development of creativity, concentration, and persistence. Studies have demonstrated clear improvement in math and reading skills for students receiving a few hours of chess instruction per week.

Emotional Growth
Chess competition encourages growth in the personal qualities of patience, self-control, coping with frustration, self-confidence, and selfesteem.

Social Skills
Playing chess develops sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect for others.

Global Dimension
Chess is played on every continent. Its history spans more than a millennium. It probably originated in China or India; it became popular in Europe during the Renaissance. Chess notation and evaluation symbols permit chess players of all languages to communicate games and analysis.

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