05 September 2012

Returning to Chess

I play chess every day, except on days that I do not play chess. During the month of August, I stopped playing chess. Even so, I made moves in my correspondence games, played perhaps two dozen games of online blitz, and solved dozens of tactics problems. I studied a couple of games in Chess Informant. This chess holiday is coming to an end. Next week, I am back in training mode. My attention to the ancient game does not waver. Some days, the game gets a few minutes. Others, chess occupies hours. My regime of tactics training, opening study, and endgame skill development resumes.

This blog will have several new entries each week. I may resume my Sunday morning training log, which tracks certain training activities during the previous week.

2009 Washington State Elementary Chess Championship
School in my community started last week. This morning I was in the first and second grade classroom of a school where I coach the elementary chess team. Our chess club / team meetings begin in October. September in the classrooms is recruiting time. Beginning late in September, I will develop a lesson or two every week. These lessons range from elementary skills and basic rules to tactical and strategic problems that vex experienced young players. Some positions in these "lessons of the week" may challenge strong club players. I post the lesson of the week as a service to the youth who call me coach and as a service to their parents.

In between lessons of the week that show what I am teaching to children and tabulations of my personal progress on the road to expert, other items of interest will appear on this blog. My competitive success in early summer pushed my USCF rating to 1982. It also put me in a four game match with the Spokane City Champion, John Julian. After winning the coin toss and choosing White in the even numbered games, I faltered and lost in three games. Games one and two are posted with comments on the critical moments. John reminded me last week, that I have failed to post my analysis of game three in that match. He said that I promised. It was delayed. Before completing it, I turned my attention away from chess. Now, my attention is turning back again.

I am ambitious to improve. Currently at #55 among active players in Washington State and rated 1970, my immediate goal is to become a USCF Expert. My hope is to play well enough through my next few tournaments to push my rating over 2000. My long term goal is to achieve a master rating: 2200+. That level of competitive performance will require years of intensive study and training. This blog tracks some of that training. It offers a place for others on the path to improvement to make suggestions and share experiences. Constructive comments are always welcome. Spam that makes it past the filter will be deleted.

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  1. Good luck with all you are trying to achieve as a player and as coach.