11 January 2013

Move Order

The bad news: I messed up the move order. The comfort: so did the International Master whose game is the source for the instructive combination. The game was Andrzej Luczak vs John Fedorowicz, Naleczow 1979. Fedorowicz won. The Anthology of Chess Combinations features a position that arose in the game. Luczak's move was an error, as he missed a clear win in a position where he was down material and Black had plenty of counterplay. When I encountered the position as a problem in the Anthology, I found the right moves, but by playing them in the wrong order reproduced Luczak's error.

White to move


  1. without much thinking Nf6 gxf6 Rg4?

    1. It seems simple, doesn't it! You have it correct. I moved the rook first.

  2. I saw that one too. Did you make a checking error, or a seeing error? Do they usually amount to the same thing if you are not short of time? Training in which I check obsessively does not seem to help much. Bashing out lots of problems appears to be better.