01 June 2013

Good Morning!

This morning I exercised self-discipline. No endless blitz. Rather, I looked through the games from the first round of the Thessaloniki Grand Prix (played two weeks ago; round 9 is today). I played one blitz game, defeating an exchange French. My opponent burned up two minutes on one move in the middle game, looking for an advantage. In the exchange French, White gives away the advantage on move three. Of course, one still must play the game and both sides have plenty of opportunity to lose their way.

White to move
White used two minutes, finding 21.Bd3
Then, I solved the first four interference themed problems in the Anthology of Chess Combinations. I made two errors in one problem before I recognized the conclusion from my training with Chessimo. The other three were solved without error, including this nice one from Bronstein -- Boleslavsky 1950.

White to move


  1. Isn't it Bronstein-Boleslavsky ?

    1. It is. Thanks! I've eliminated "Bernstein" from the post.