01 September 2013

Training Log: August 2013

In August 2012, my training regimen for the year as set forth in New Year's Resolutions began to disintegrate. So, too, in August 2013. Of the four resolutions set forth for 2013, I made reasonable progress on two. For the first time in 2013, I failed to meet my standard for tactics training in August. Tactics had been my steady success through the first seven months of the year.

1. In 2013, I will solve correctly 300 tactics problems each month.

I have ceased accurate tracking of my tactics training. I lost the spreadsheet with my data when my harddrive crashed in July. I began rebuilding the data early in the month, but did not track well this month's meager achievements. Nonetheless, I can estimate that I correctly solved close to 150 problems--half of the month's goal.

Using the iPhone rather than iPad or computer, I managed to drop 100 Elo on the Chess.com Tactics Trainer in a bit more than one hour's training over several sessions. The smaller screen seems to reduce my skill level.

2. In 2013, I will study whole games and whole books.

My study of whole games and whole books has come to characterize the time that I spend on chess! For much of August, this activity has included games while they were being played. I have watched at least part of the broadcast of the FIDE World Cup every day since it began. Naturally, I spend a lot of time playing guess the move.

I have not finished Logical Chess: Move by Move, but have looked at a few additional games in ECO Code* C67. A few days ago, I began working systematically through Chess Informant 113, and have gone through seventeen games or game fragments. I am marking some for further study.

I continued my work on Gioachino Greco designed to produce a full and reasonably accurate database of the games appearing in his manuscripts.

3. In 2013, I will finish my Pawn Endgame Flash Card project.

Progress studying Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual did not go forward in July. I learned recently that I had misplaced my cards and must reprint them. Fortunately those files are saved on my desktop.

4. In 2013, I will lose fifteen pounds.

My efforts to walk the entire length of the Spokane River Centennial Trail with each of my dogs progressed in August. Max and I have passed the half-way point, and Amy and I began the journey. She is easily distracted and difficult to walk in the park. She did much better on the trail.

My diet in August included many excellent salads, and way too much junk food. It is a schizophrenic eating pattern.

*ECO Code is a trademark of Chess Informant

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