09 January 2014

Lesson of the Week

Students in chess club are presented with a position in which they are to discover the move played. The position is from Spielmann -- Tarrasch, Karlsbad 1923. Spielmann's move was the best possible, and indeed was the only move that does not transfer the advantage to Black's side.

White to move

Wrong answers that were suggested quickly revealed that the White king could be vulnerable in ways that could result in further loss of material. Black already has a material advantage.

A somewhat more complicated position was prepared as a second problem for this week's lesson, but most students did not see it. It is from Rubinstein -- Hromadka, Maehrisch Ostrau 1923.

Find Rubinstein's winning combination.

White to move

Rubinstein won a brilliancy prize for the game. The tournament at Maehrisch Ostrau started less than two weeks after the Karlsbad tournament ended. Despite this brilliant game, Rubinstein underperformed in both events. He did finish ahead of Spielmann at Karlsbad.

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