12 March 2014

Mating Net

This position arises in the annotations to Nunn -- Korchnoi, Luzerne 1985 (Chess Informant 40/360). In the game itself, Nunn refused Korchnoi's offer of a bishop on a4. This position is one of several that might have arisen if he had taken the bishop.

Black to move

Korchnoi offers the interesting line leading to checkmate: 30...Rxd3 31. Rxd3 Nb6+ 32.Ka5 Nc4+ 33.Ka4 b5#.

In the game itself, Nunn resigned after Black's move 34.


  1. move 34 ?? how is it possible as he was mated only on move 33

    1. That's the difference between the actual game and the possible variation in the notes. The diagram is from the notes--it did not occur in the game.