18 September 2015

Knight Award Problems

The twelve problems for the Knight Award require some tactical understanding on the part of the student. One problem has two solutions that are checkmate in five. Another problem has two correct solutions--one safe, one risky. When testing students, I accept either answer, but then make the student play out the position.

These problems are part of a series of 150 that I call Checkmates and Tactics. There are six checkmates in one for the Pawn Award. These twelve. For the Bishop Award, there are twenty-four problems, half leading to checkmate. The number increases to forty-eight for the Rook Award. Sixty Queen Award problems cap the series.

My awards become progressively more difficult. Only strong and devoted students will progress through the Rook and Queen Awards.

Knight Award: checkmates and tactics.

Find the move or combination that wins material or leads to checkmate in each position. White moves first in each. Eight end in checkmate; four result in gain of material.*

*Ten problems are from actual games. Two are composed problems published in 1512 by Pedro Damiano.

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