07 October 2015

Converting an Advantage

My copy of Chess Informant 125 arrived on Monday and is already proving challenging. As a long devotee of the French Defense who occasionally adopts the Rubinstein, my attention fell quickly upon Alexander Morozevich's "Midnight in Moscow".  I will devote considerable time to this article in the coming weeks.

Then, there is an abundance of games from the Sinquefield Cup annotated by Aleksandar Colovic, Sarunas Sulskis, and Michael Roiz. The English language content goes on through more than half of the volume, and includes the second installment of "The New Romantics" by Pentala Harikrishna. Mihail Marin's "One Golden Rule -- Development" is the latest installment of his "Old Wine in New Bottles," a column I always make a point of reading.

Turning to the traditional games section in Informant codes, the first game offers a challenging study. White's opening faltered and Black gained the advantage. The annotator offers suggested alternatives for more than half of both players' moves. Black blundered from the position in the first diagram and White turned the tide.

Black to move

How would you play this position? How would I? I am mulling over the position while I consume my morning coffee.

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