28 February 2016

Don't Be Clever

"You can have all the knowledge in the world and still play crappy chess."
Cam Leslie
I had this position and a clear plan

White to move

The plan had been to swap knights when my opponent moved his to e4, and then play Rf1. Maybe I have enough play to seek an advantage in the endgame. When the moment arrived, however, I started looking deeply at the strategic implications of a tactical plan: he takes my rook, I take his rook with check, then my queen goes to g4.

23.Ng4?? Rh1+ 0-1

After the game, I showed my blunder to Cam Leslie, and showed him the variation to Mayet -- Anderssen (1851?) that I show young chess players regularly (see "Sacrificial Attack").

I am more or less assured that my rating will go down when the 24th Collyer Memorial Chess Tournament is rated. My opponent in round two was rated roughly 200 below me. But, at least I'm having fun and gaining more positions that I can show students.

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