08 April 2016

Minor Piece Ending

Studying with Mihail Marin

Mihail Marin annotated Stefanova -- Pogonina, Tehran 2016 for Chess Informant 127. It was Stefanova's only win in the event, the second of four events comprising the FIDE Women's Grand Prix. After 28 moves, each player had a knight, bishop, and seven pawns.

White to move

Marin asserts this position is equal. Twenty moves later, White had a clear advantage.

White to move

Stefanova did not play the optimal move here, but played well enough to maintain an edge, albeit not necessarily a winning advantage.

Marin labels as dubious Pogonina's move from this position, and indicates that both players erred on the following move.

Black to move

Then, White's move 63 is given a double exclamation mark--a brilliant move.

White to move

I ask myself, would I find Stefanova's move here if I looked at this diagram after I forgot the game? I think the game and the annotations are interesting and instructive.

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