15 May 2016

Rook versus Knight

Despite having several other commitments this weekend, I managed to get in two tournament games. Both games were against lower rated opponents who beat me in February. I played terribly in the first round, but managed to offer my opponent an opportunity to stalemate me. He obliged.

In this morning's game, I struggled until my opponent blundered a piece, then struggled again. I gave back the piece for an attack that proved less potent than I had anticipated, then blundered away a piece. We entered an endgame where I had two rooks and an extra pawn against a rook and two minor pieces. One set of rooks came off, as did several pawns.

Due to threats my rook was able to generate against his pawns, he allowed me to fork his bishop and knight. He gave up his bishop for the last of my queenside pawns.

We reached this position with White to move.

I played the only move that maintained a decisive advantage, according to the engine.

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