22 September 2016

Protect the King

A game brought to my attention by a video lesson by Dejan Bojkov on Chess.com offers a nice display of Ann Chumpitaz's king hunting skill. The game was played in the Continental Championship in Lima, Peru last February.

White to move

Can you work out the winning combination?


  1. Cool position:

    1.gxf7+ Kxf7 2.Nxe6 Qa5 3.Ng5+ and Black is up a pawn and much better.

    The point is 2...Kxf7 3.Qd5+ Nxd5 4.exd5+ Ke5 5.Rae1! (on 5.Rad1 there is the annoying 5...Qc5 which seems to prevent mate) 5...Bh4 6.Bh6+ Kd4 (6...Bxe1 7.Bxg7+ Nf6 8.Bxf6# is a cool mate) 7.Re4+ Kc5 8.Be3#

    In my original solution I had planned 6.Bh6+, overlooking that 6...Kf6 was now legal. But had I actually reached that position over the board, I'm sure I would have found Bh6+ instead, so I'll give myself partial credit :)

  2. Also: on 5.Rad1 the computer found the even better 5...Qc4! and Black is winning.

    Just goes to show that you have to calculate these king hunts precisely.