27 January 2017

Solve This

Round two of the Spokane Chess Club Winter Championship brought me another victory, but only because my opponent miscalculated at the critical moment. I was objectively lost, but when he misplayed the attack, my fortunes turned in a hurry. A few moves later, I was up a piece and he graciously resigned.

White to move

He saw the correct move here, but missed the second move of the combination. As a consequence, he did not play the correct move. I showed him the solution during postgame analysis, although I, too, missed the shot during the game.


  1. Looks like 1.Nxh6+ Kh8 2.Qe2 intending Qh5 is crushing.

  2. Indeed. I'm so lucky that he didn't find Qe2, and thus played Bh7+ instead of Nxh6+.