20 February 2017

Black to Move

I failed this problem on Chess.com tactics trainer, but found the first two moves.

Black to move


  1. I'm probably wrong somewhere but still here go my probably faulty analysis
    1...Nxf2 2.Kh1 Qg1+ now 3.Rxg1 is met with ...Nf2# smother mate
    So 3. Kxg1 Ne2+ double check
    4.Kh1 is met with 4...Nf2 mate
    4.Kf1 is met with 4..N2g3 5.hxg3 Nxg3 mate.

  2. Well done, Anlam. I failed by playing 3...Nf3+, which allows the king to escape the checks.

  3. This is a good blindfold exercise if you go for the mate starting with 1...Qxf2+, as you both correctly did.

    I looked at this position for a few seconds, and realized that 1...QxNe5, 2.Bb3 0-0, and Black is already crushing White. I started to look at 1...Qxf2, but then it struck me that if that this is not winning or best, then it is absurd, so I refused to solve the problem and then looked at and visualized your guys' answer. ;-p