07 June 2018

Avoid the Torturous Draw

White to move
Analysis Position

This position could have occurred had White played 37.Be6 and Black replied fxg5+ hoping for a rook versus a rook and bishop, which should be a draw. The difference between the analysis diagram and the game is the presence of Black pawn that White's king can use as a shield to set up a mating net.

Black's difficulties become apparent after 38.Kxg5 Rb8 39.Ra7 Kf8 40.Rh7

Black to move
Analysis Position

White threatens 41.Kf6. If not for the Black pawn, 40...Rb2, 41...Rf2+ would save the game.

Instead, White played 37.Kxf5, and after 37...fxg5+ 38.Kxg5, Black was able to hold on fifty moves and claim a draw.

Black to move

Black suffered during these fifty moves, but with both players having twenty minutes left on the clock in a game 30, Black was able to spend the time needed to avoid obvious pitfalls.

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