22 January 2008

Eventful Days

Death of a Legend

Bobby Fischer died at 64 (an "evocative age," according to the Wall Street Journal). He was buried in Iceland in a small ceremony. Iceland, Garry Kasparov reminds us, was "the site of his greatest triumph." I offered some personal reminiscences Friday.

Echoes of Elista

Toiletgate has not ended as we learned when Ivan Cheparinov refused to shake hands with Nigel Short, was forfeited, apologized, and then lost when the game was played.

The official website for the Corus tournament tells us that Kramnik and Topalov did not shake hands, but had one offered, the other would have been obliged.

Also Veselin Topalov had prepared well for his game with Vladimir Kramnik today, deviating from Kramnik-Anand, Mexico City 2007 with a novelty 12.Nxf7! (Cheparinov, Topalov's second, is credited with the discovery)

Black to move
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Kramnik might take some comfort from the knowledge that tournament leader Magnus Carlsen also lost today.

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