18 March 2008

Another Blitz Gem

In a three minute game, one cannot stop to think. Players crank out the moves in one or two seconds each. Taking five seconds must be reserved for difficult positions. I took sixteen seconds to find and evaluate the move I played from the position below.

White to move.

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Ne7+ first caught my attention, and I spent several seconds contemplating where it might take me when I saw Qh6! Quick calculation revealed that the move was immediately winning. My opponent took almost half a minute before playing Bb6+ in reply. After White's king moved to safety Black resigned.


  1. Just thought i'd say hi and let you know i've added you to my blogroll as i recently found out you had me listed as well. I'll be tracking your posts from now on.

  2. Qh6!!
    Wonderful move, especially in a blitz game . . . a good case for pattern recognition.