27 July 2009

Draw Offers

Three pawns to one with rooks on the board, and my opponent who lost our other game offers me a draw.

Mate in six with two seconds left, and my opponent offers a draw.

All the minor pieces gone, but the heavy pieces and all pawn remain, and I offer a draw.

All these offers were refused, as they should have been.


  1. Only offer a draw if its really a draw. If their is still play left just move on and try to win, that way you atleast learn something instead of being a chicken. :-)

    Offcourse, if two seconds left i guess the draw offer is reasonable. The opponent refusing it is normal.

  2. I think all the offers were more or less reasonable. Two were optimistic risk free gambles. The blitz offer was a distraction. Not everyone can slam out six moves in two seconds, but against a lone king--I didn't really mention that in the post--there's no risk for the superior side.

  3. I don't think the first 2 offers were reasonable, especially the one with the lone king, when you get a draw anyway. I agreed once or twice to draw with something like Q+R vs. Q+R with 4-5 pawns left, but the positions were really equal, computer confirmed that.