03 August 2009

Not Drawn

In a recent game on Chess.com, my opponent optimistically offered a draw from a hopeless position. Of course, I had a lot of moves to make yet, but they were not hard to find.

Muda,I (1921) - Stripes,J (1994) [B18]
Chess.com, 2009


White offered a draw.

42...h5 43.Rg8 Kh3 44.Rg7 h4 45.Rg6 Kh2 46.Rg7 h3 47.Rg6 Kh1 48.Rg7 h2 49.Rg6

49...Rf5 50.Rg7 b5+ 51.Kd3 Rf4 52.Kc3 Rf2 53.Kd4 Rg2 54.Re7

54.Ra7 Kg1 55.Ra1+ Kf2 56.Ra2+ Kf3 57.Ra1 Rg1 58.Ra3+ Kf4 59.Rh3 h1Q 60.Rxh1 Rxh1–+

54...Kg1 55.Re1+ Kf2 56.Rh1

56.Rc1 Rg1 57.Rc2+ Kg3 58.Rxh2 Kxh2–+

56...Kg3 57.Rc1

57.Rd1 Rd2+ 58.Rxd2 h1Q 59.Rd3+ Kf4 60.Kc3 Qe1+ 61.Kc2–+
57.Re1 Rg1 58.Re3+ Kh4 59.Re4+ Rg4–+


58.Rc3+ Kg4 59.Rxc6 h1Q 60.Kc5

60.Rc7 Rc1 61.Rxc1 Qxc1 62.Ke4 Qc3 63.Kd5 Kf5 64.Kd6 Qc4 65.Kd7 Ke5 66.Ke7 Qc7+ 67.Ke8 Ke6 68.Kf8 Qf7#

60...Rc1+ 0–1

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