19 October 2009

Monday Tactics

This position originates in Stocek-Cifka, Pardubice 2008, and was published as Chess Informant 103/302. I played it against Hiarcs 12 beginning with a move given in the annotations. It required twenty-four moves and two take-backs to force the machine's resignation. Then I let the engine run for two hours. It favored the move played by Stocek, but slightly.

White to move


  1. I looked at this for perhaps somewhere under 15 minutes.

    Maybe I'm dreaming, but I like Qf6, and if ...BxB, then Nxe6+ ...Kg8, Qd8+ ...Bf8, QxB mate.

  2. Got the same solution as LinuxGuy although i had to look a little bit longer then 15 minutes.