01 January 2010

Giving It Away

I am playing a series of games against a Chessmaster personality that is programmed to blunder. In each game I get an advantage easily, but then I often blow the win through a monstrous error.

At least three moves keep the win in hand here.

White to move

I wrote the best move on my scoresheet, but played another.


  1. White has to be carefull for that little combination of ... h3+; Kxh3 Rg1 with ... Rh8 mate to follow.

    So it cannot be a rook move or Kh3 (1. Kh3 Rg1 2. Rca3 Kg6 3. Rcxa4 g4+ 4. Kxh4 Rh8 mate). So it must be either h3 or f3. A third possible move i dont see.

  2. Chesstiger, f4 is the third move. I played c6, but wrote h3 on my scoresheet. h3 is the best move according to the engine. After my c6, it is mate in three as you point out.