26 October 2013

Complex Tactics

For the past eight weeks, I have been working through the games and game fragments in Chess Informant 113. Some games occupy no more than ten minutes of my time, as they serve only to introduce me to new patterns in the opening. Other games force me to slow down. Although I sometimes ignore the annotations, other times I discover that they are far more interesting than the game itself.

Haslinger -- Huschenbeth, Haarlem 2011 was a quick win for White against the Sicilian Scheveningen (CI 113/73). However, the annotations by Ivan Cheparinov offer a long line in which Black finds a drawing resource.

The excitement begins with the game's novelty: 15.Bf4!

Black to move

Black played 15...e5 and was busted by move 20.

Cheparinov offers 15...e3 as an improvement. In his main line, after 26...Bb2+, it is clear that Black has a draw by repetition.

White to move

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