28 October 2013


Playing the White side of a French Advance, I find myself looking through some master games. These are neither won nor lost in the opening. In Vorobiov -- Volkov, Moscow 2004 White prevailed in the endgame.

White to move

White gave up a rook to assure that his pawn would promote.

57.Re4! Rd3+ 58.Kg4 dxe4 59.e7

Even then, however, Black had a pawn that threatened to complete its journey.

59...Kd2 60.e8Q e3 61.Kf3 Rxb3 62.Qd8+ Ke1 63.Qd5 Ra3 64.Qc5 1-0

Black to move

This fork of rook and pawn ends things. After White's queen is exchanged for rook and e-pawn, White's h-pawn will promote.

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