12 June 2014

Match Wits with Anderssen

This position arose in Anderssen -- Von der Lasa, Berlin 1851.

White to move

Adolf Anderssen played 9.Nf2, which seems sensible and sound. I wonder, however, whether he considered 9.d4. Is this position a good one for contemplating the sacrifice of a knight?

I am preparing some notes on this game, as well as several others, for my Dragon Chess Camp.

109: Dragon Chess Camp
Instructor:  James Stripes
Camp Location: Lower School
Dates: June 23-27
Times: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Dragon Chess Camp is fifteen hours of fun learning and practicing chess skills, as well as testing them in competition. Participants in chess camp will improve all aspects of their chess game: opening principles, middlegame strategy, tactics, endgame technique. There will be puzzle solving contests and lessons from great masters of the past. Awards will be based on camp points which are earned through each of the camp activities. Each participant will receive a camp workbook packed with chess tips, problems, and instructive games.
Grades: K-6
Tuition: $150

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