05 June 2014

Target e6

It has been more than six months since I started working through every game in Chess Informant 113. It is a slow process that I do not pursue every day. Nonetheless, I am finding it instructive. When I finish, I plan to repeat the process through an older issue of Informant. The plan is to work through issues that I possess in both electronic and print versions. I play through the games on my computer screen, but use the print version to record light notes and to serve as a bookmark.

This position arises as a variation in Informant 113/142, Lalic -- Straka, Sunningdale 2011. It strikes me as an almost elementary example of how a player of the White pieces employs checkmate threats against h7 to weaken Black's castled position and wreck Black's central pawn structure. The pawn on e6 is the target.

White to move

Bogdan Lalic gives the line 14.Ng5 g6 15.Qh3 h5 16.Nxe6+-.

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