14 July 2014

Checkmate Threats

In order to get at my opponent's king, I opening my own to some suffering.

Black to move


This position arose in a game played on the Chess By Post iOS app. We had three days per move, but the last ten moves of the game were played over an eight hour span.

My opponent immediately went after my king who looks quite vulnerable.

42.Rc8+ Kg7 43.Bd4+ Kh6 44.Rc6+ Kh5 45.Rxf7

Black to move

My opponent threatens checkmate in one move, but I have several ways to keep my monarch safe.

45...Rxg2+ 46.Kf1 Kh4 47.Rg7

47.Rxh7+ is not dangerous. 47...Kg3 and my king is well sheltered by my opponent's pawn.

47...h5 48.d6 Ba4 49.d7

Black to move

My opponent decides that he needs a queen. Alas, I can now force checkmate in a few moves. My opponent resigned two moves later.

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