02 July 2014

Pawn Wars

Two days ago, I found myself in this position in a correspondence game after my opponent entered a series of conditional moves. I had been playing for a draw through much of the game. Nonetheless, when a simple forced draw was in front of me, I determined that it was time to think about pawn wars. Is the repetition that I can force in my best interest?

I had Black. This game was played on ChessWorld (see link in sidebar).

Black to move


  1. It looks like black can win by 1....Qd1, 2. Qg1 Qxg1, 3. Kxg1 Kh7, 4. Kf2 Kg6, 5. Ke3 Kf5, 6. Kd4 Ke6. White will be forced to abandon the e5 pawn into a lost ending.

    1. It finished precisely that way through five moves, then 6.e6 Kxe6 and White resigned.