03 September 2014

Back to School

Elementary Instruction

School has started for most young children in the United States. Soon, the scholastic chess season will be upon us. Parents, coaches, and players need to stress elementary skills until these become routine. This position from a recent online blitz game illustrates some of these skills.

Black to move

Black has an easy win. First, exchange rooks. Then seize the opposition. Then, use the opposition to perform an outflanking maneuver that gains control of one of the key squares: e2, f2, g2.

Playing blitz, I promoted my pawn in eight seconds from this position. Young players should practice until they can easily perform the correct moves with no more than five seconds per move.

63...Rxh2 64.Kxh2 Kf5 65.Kg1!

White attempts to make trouble for Black.

65...Kf4 66.Kf2

White has the opposition, but Black was prepared with a reserve tempo.


Now, Black has the opposition.

67.Kg2 Ke3

Black executes an outflanking maneuver.

68.Kf1 Kf3 69.Kg1 f4 70.Kf1

Black to move

All chess players should memorize this basic position. Black wins no matter who is on move.

70...Kg3 71.Kg1 f3

This position (another than should be committed to memory) is a win for Black because it is White's turn.

72.Kf1 f2 73.Ke2 Kg2

Black finally occupies a key square. The pawn will promote.

74.Ke3 f1Q 0-1

Beginning players should learn the checkmate process from here.

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