30 September 2014

Top 100!

It never crossed my mind that I would be on any list of the Top 100 chess players, although it might have. When I reached my peak USCF rating slightly more than two years ago, I was in the top 60 active players in my state.

But a Top 100 national list is another matter. Hence it came as a surprise in July when I received an email from the USCF seeking to verify my age because I may be eligible for a Top 100 list. I provided the verification and then checked the list. My rating was several points below number 100.

A week or two later, I played in a local event at the my chess club and tied for first with an 8-1 score. I beat the other top player in our individual encounter, but lost to one of those who finished at 6-3. My USCF Blitz rating shot up from 1894 to 1939. That would have put me at number 92 on the August list. However, my new rating become official on September 1.

Top 100 list are updated at mid-month, but staff vacation delayed the September lists. I had to wait a long time, but I am now officially on the list of the Top 100 USCF Blitz Players over the age of 50! I am number 96. I likely will drop from the list next month.

There is no one else from my state on the list. That absence is a function of the newness of the USCF blitz rating and the paucity of events. The list cannot be taken too seriously. I am certain there are some players in Seattle my age or older who can school me at blitz. Even so, it's nice to be on a list.

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