10 October 2014


Does White have compensation for the sacrificed pawn? How should Black proceed?

Black to move


  1. 1...c5, 2.dxc Nxc, 3.NxN QxN, 4.a4? Qb4, so no, White may not be losing but it's more like "Compensation for what?" White does have some compensation, but any time Black can equalize, Black should be happy about that. The obvious problem for White is that it's Black's move. ;-)

    1. Had Black played 1...c5, I would have retreated my bishop Bb1 as I did in the game after he played 1...Bb7.

      It seems that with the advantage of one pawn but a cramped position, Black should seek to exchange pieces.

      1...Qb4 offers a trade of queens and prepares to roll the a- and b-pawns down on top of White's a-pawn.