01 January 2015

Endgame Puzzle

Can White win this position?

White to move

Several days ago, this position was posted on a Chess.com fan page on Facebook.

My first winning try against Stockfish was grounded in shallow analysis: 1.Be7.

I wanted to transfer the bishop to f6 or f8 and then play h6-h7. Alternately, I might find a way to advance the f-pawn. This plan might might work if Black tries harassment from the side. 1...Rc7?? 2.Bf8 Kg8 3.Ke6 Rc1 4.Bd6 Rg1 5.f5+-.

However, after 1...Rg2 2.Bh4 Rg1 3.Bf6 Rh1, I realized I needed a new plan.

1.Kg4! seems a better try. 1...Rg2+ 2.Kh4 Rf2 3.Kg3 Rf1 4.Kg2 Rc1 5.Bf6 Kg8 and now what?

White to move

I could not find a way to make progress.

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