28 January 2015

Lesson of the Week

When I watch Grandmaster games live on the internet, I often play guess the move. I imagine that I am in the seat of the player to move and try to find the best move in the position. Watching the end of Aronian -- Ding in the last round of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee, I anticipated a sequence of moves that my chess engine considers best for both sides. The game took a different course.

The hypothetical position after an unplayed move by White is this week's lesson. How should Black respond?

Black to move
Hypothetical Position after 55.Bxe5
Instead of 55.Bxe5, Levon Aronian played 55.Bc2. After Ding Liren's 55...Qd5, Aronian resigned.

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