03 June 2015

Play Like Louis Paulsen

A couple of days ago, I was reflecting that Louis Paulsen is one of those players whose play I know principally from his losses. A rare exception is one win against Paul Morphy at the First American Chess Congress. But, for the most part, I seem to be looking at Paulsen's games because they were important victories for Morphy or Adolf Anderssen or Wilhelm Steinitz.

My game of the week for the seven days that began this morning, thus, offers a welcome exception. The game is Paulsen -- Rosenthal, Vienna 1873. Paulsen won with a nice combination from this position.

White to move

What would you play?


  1. I spotted 1.Qxc5 dxQ, 2.Rxc7+ Kb8, 3.Rxg7+ followed by 4.RxQg6 in about half a minute while singing John Lennon's (Beatles) "Happiness is a warm gun" to myself. hehe. I wouldn't doubt, though, that I've seen this position/game before from somewhere.

    1. Nice. I've seen quite a few problems in tactics training that were familiar and instant. I tend to sing Dylan or the Dead, such as the Dead covering Marty Robbins: "It's been so long since I've seen the young maiden...".