18 December 2015

Holy Smokes!

My first impression of Shirov -- Gurevich, Munich 1993 (Chess Informant 57/287) was that the game requires more than the usual five minutes observing patterns. Gurevich sacrificed material to open the board before Shirov castled. Later, Shirov struck back and eventually prevailed. According to Shirov's annotations for Informant, Gurevich strayed from the best course from this position.

Black to move

ChessDB has the game so that it can be replayed in most browsers.


  1. I figured he probably played 1...e4, and White would be happy to continue by taking on e4. Even in Blitz, I would play 1...RxNf3 followed by 2.Qf3 Qxd4 no question. Black should be practically winning this

    1. He did play e4. According to Shirov's annotations (and Stockfish agrees), exd4 is the only move that offers Black an advantage.