02 December 2015

Pawn Lever

In a fifteen minute game online, my poor play led to a terrible position. However, my opponent failed to deliver the knockout blow. He worked to bring his pieces into play when a simple pawn lever would have accomplished the task.

Black to move


30...c5 shows that White's bishop, the critical defensive piece, is doomed.


White has fantasies of Rh6 and Rxh7#. Black has resources to stop this plan. With Black's c-pawn still mobile, 31.Rd3 was the only defense.


Now, White is winning.

31...c5 32.Rd3 c4 33.Qxc3 Qxc3 34.Rxc3 cxb3 35.Kb2 Rxa2+ 36.Kxb3 Black's two bishops, which work marvelously well with his rooks on an open board will prove overwhelming.

32.Nxf7+ Rxf7 33.Rd8+ Kg7 34.gxf4

Black to move


Still hoping for a breakthrough with pieces. 34...Bxf4 addresses the immediate threats.


35.Qg2+ leads to checkmate.

35...Bxg1 36.Qg2+ 1-0

Black resigned due to imminent checkmate.

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