29 March 2011

A Little Endgame

With some time on my hands and my iPad nearby, I played a quick game against Shredder. The device is set to play weaker than full strength based on my previous performance. This game seemed all wrapped up until Shredder threw me a surprise.

Black to move


If I capture this pawn, it is stalemate. But that is better than losing a pawn race, so I made a quick check to see that Shredder would not promote with check. I too will get a queen, so:

43.g5 f4 44.Nc2!

Black to move

I, too, have surprises. If 44...bxc2, then 45.Kxc2 and my pawn promotes with checkmate.

44...f3 45.g6 a6 46.Nb4+ Kb1 47.Bxa3 f2 48.g7 f1Q 49.g8Q

Black to move

49...Qf3+ 50.Nd3 Qc6+ 51.Bc5 Qf6+ 52.Kxb3

Black to move

Black has run out of useful checks.

52...Qf1 53.Qg1

Bye-bye queens. Time to practice checkmate with knight and bishop, but not much practice. The Black king is already trapped in the right corner.

53...Qxg1 54.Bxg1 Ka1 55.Be3 Kb1 56.Bc1 Ka1

White to move


I missed the quicker 57.Kc2 Ka2 58.Nb4+ Ka1 59.Bb2#.

57...Kb1 58.Nf4 Ka1 59.Nd5 Kb1 60.Nc3+ Ka1 61.Bb2#.

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