11 September 2011


Lajos Portisch played 12...Bc5 from this position.

Black to move

Why not grab the horse? Would White make Black suffer after 12...Qxc3?


  1. I think after Qxc3 white can play 13.Bb5 and if 13..Qc7 (to protect the knight) then 14.Ne5 wins (If 14..Qxe5 then 15.Bxd7 Ke7 16.Bxc8 wins back the pieces and white has great attack )

  2. I think that White will regain the material and make Black suffer after 13...Qc7 14.Rfd1. But, 14.Ne5 does not appear to be winning: 14...Qxe5 and White has two pieces that he needs to regain. After 16.Bxc8 in your line, 16...Rxc8, White is down a bishop and pawn and Black's vulnerability is an illusion, to wit: 17.Qd7+ Kf6 18.f4 Qc5 19.e5+ Kg6 20.f5+ Kg5 and White runs out of checks.

    However, is 13...Qc7 Black's best option after snatching the knight?