02 October 2011

Lesson of the Week

The easy lesson for this week is a tactical shot that shows the benefits of knowing basic checkmate patterns.

White to move

An additional tactical problem from my best game of the weekend's tournament. Here I missed the simple and correct move.

White to move

This week's endgame lesson comes from a tournament game between a chess coach (me) and a young player who is coached by my friend John Dill. My young opponent could have beaten me after I blundered a minor piece, but he let the endgame get away from him. The finish shows the importance of practicing pawn wars, and other exercises for developing pawn endgames.

Black to move

Hint: I made a losing move here.

Yesterday's "From the Eastern" has a position from this game a couple of moves earlier.


  1. Game 1: 1. ... Nxc6 (Threatening Nxa7# alongside attacking Q and R) 2. bxc6 Ba6#

    Game 2: Be2

    Game 3: h5

  2. Correct, as usual. These may prove more difficult for the young players who will face them over the course of this week.