09 October 2011

Lesson of the Week

Pawn Basics: Breakthrough

I plan to work on some pawn basics with young chess players this week. The position below is well known. Young players who have not yet learned it must do so.

White to move

White wins easily by giving up two pawns in order to promote the other.

The second position is less difficult.

White to move

The third position gets into the heart of the matter, but remains elementary.

White to move

The fourth position will prove difficult to most players. It comes from an endgame study published in Chess Informant many years ago, and republished in Informant 101 as part of retrospective look at the career of Artur Jussupow. See "Latent Patterns" for a note on the spellings Yusupov/Jussupow.

White to move

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