13 April 2012

Blitz Tactics

The past couple of days have been like that. I miss easy tactics in training, fail to solve elementary endgames, and lose to rank beginners on the Internet Chess Club. I ended a reasonable session* of blitz this morning with smoke and mirrors. Already down two pawns, I sacrificed a rook. While my coffee steeped an unreasonably long time, my opponent in this three minute game lost his way.

White to move

28.Rxc4+?? (28.Rf2-/+) dxc4 29.Qxc4+ Qc6??= (29...Bc6 -+) 30.Qxb3 Be8??+- (30...Qb7=) 31.Qb8+ Kd7 32.Qa7+ Kc8 33.Ba4 Qb7 (33...Nf3+ hassles the White king for a few moves 34.Rxf3 Rh1+ 35.Kg2 Qb7 and the rook cannot come to the c-file) 34.Rc1+ Black resigns.

*Reasonable is defined in this context by two main criteria: 1) I won more than I lost, and 2) I stopped after five games. See "Blitz Addiction" for the relationship between these two.


  1. Morning coffee and Chess! That is how I start my mornings before I head off to teach!

    I don't play in the morning I just do some tactics with my coffee.

    For what it is worth my preferred Coffee is Cafe Bustelo made in a Bialetti stove top expresso maker. And I make it a cappuccino with frothed coconut milk. Perfect for morning tactics. :)

    1. Simple French Press with fresh ground dark roast for me. Normally it sits for five minutes before I press and pour, but this morning's blitz had it sitting there for thirty. Most mornings I do a little tactics first thing, but chose to play this morning.